Abdulla Salem Branding

Abdulla Salem is a multi-faceted brand targeted at both corporate finance and men’s fashion.

Within the Brand Abdulla Salem, on the “corporate side” the aim was to arrive at a forward thinking modern identity, which delivered individuality and a professional approach,maintaining an air of approachability.

While the “fashion” side presents a lifestyle experience for the fun, sporty and spontaneous gentlemen who appreciates quality.
The identity for the Brand is one that is classic, versatile yet playful.
The logo mark relates to the brand name and the monogram of a classic “A” and a casual slab/san serif “S” coming together seamlessly creating one form.

The identity is one which is bold and dynamic, printed using the subtle process of gold foil blocking, throughout the stationery, positioning Abdulla Salem as a sportsman, business mentor and entrepeneur of the highest level.


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