Nao Desça Do Salto

Não Desça Do Salto

For this particular project, i was tasked with the Branding for the Shoe company, Nao Desça Do Salto.

Nao Desça Do Salto is new brand of shoes manufactured according to comfort of its clients namely brides, resulting in unique, high quality, comfortable shoes being created wearable for the duration of a day without your feet feeling the pain.

The logo branding  is based on a sense of freedom, lightness, comfort and timelessness while retaining an elegant, premium quality feel and hopefully timeless feel, as well as resonating and signifying the importance of expressing oneself with style as the pun in the brand name- Não Desça Do Salto suggests.

The core of the brand is to communicate the problem of the lack of comfort of heels and lack of style in flats, making the lives of millions of women easier. The brand would educate to  these women who refrain from wearing heels because of discomfort. It would also work to communicate you do not have to compromise comfort for style and fashion.