Opera Gourmet

Designed with passion

Opera Gourmet – “Gourmandises a la Francaise“

Opera Gourmet produces in Dubai an exquisite range of confectionary such as:

•  Ice cream and sorbet
• Gourmet / delicate pastry: éclairs and choux

They follow traditional recipes and baking methods with their gourmandises being produced in the pure authentic tradition, with very high quality ingredients and 100% natural. This guarantees the highest standard of quality with the complete absence of coloring agent or artificial flavors in all our productsSourcing the finest ingredients with care to bring out their best in our flavors, combined with the patience, skills and secret knowledge of our French Chef. This perfect alliance of textures and flavors slightly sweet allows each recipe to unveil the original taste of our top quality ingredients and focuses on subtlety and results in a crescendo of aromatic sensations.
Opera Gourmet needed to position themself as a premier supplier of french patisserie and ice cream. For Opera Gourmet we developed a corporate identity and packaging which combines solid, premium quality with a confident contemporary style.

Branding Services

  • Branding
  • Print
  • Stand Design
  • Packaging