Samuel Creations

With an established history in the Architecture and Interior design field, SamuelCreations SA is a Swiss consultancy firm with operating offices in Geneva, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Beirut.

Client: Samuel Creations S.A
Services: Branding and Design
samuelcreations identity

Having recently gone through a period of significant expansion,having opened a new office in Beirut. They have a strong track record in Dubai, but they weren’t perceived as being particularly dynamic or international. They wanted a new identity that would help them shift perceptions so that they would be seen as a more contemporary, global business. The solution was to position and rebrand SamuelCreations, as a confident, forward thinking organisation with a logo evocative of architectural hand-drawn lettering. We created the identity and corporate collateral with brand guidelines.

samuelcreations identity
samuelcreations render
samuelcreations stationery
samuelcreations business cards
samuelcreations identity

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